8 universally proven facts to make your relationship work

Fact 1: To have a mutual understanding
It is important to be on the same track with your paramour. If you and your partner are planning to get hitched, have kids and live together then you are on the correct track but if there are confusions and doubts regarding the wedding, you need to talk and come up with a conclusion. There is nothing distressing than loving a person who is not willing to spend his life with you. 

Fact 2: To communicate
A relationship definitely (undoubtingly) deserves long hours on calls, messages and of course candle light dinners and many more dates. In any relationship communication with the partner plays the most important role. One sided love builds no relationship unless you are on the wrong side. If your relationship is going through interaction issues, you need to stop doing everything and figure out a solution for it. 

Fact 3: Supporting each other's goals
You are certainly lucky and stick to her/ his side if they are supporting your goals and have no issues with your dreams. It is fine to make them feel happy and special but you have goals and dreams to chase too, so it is not always about making your paramour happy and sacrifice your happiness. You should be able to accomplish your goals without affecting your relationship. 

Fact 4: Be Compromising
When two different people meet there are two different brains which are trying to understand each other's viewpoint as well. Yaa!Yaa! we know, love is about two different bodies and one soul but in reality, you have to compromise sometimes just to make your partner happy. Individuals should put the initiative to adjust and take in the different viewpoints. If there are no compromises having in your relationship, then it's one sided love which won't last for longer period of time. 

Fact 5: Invest emotions in relationship
Passion in a relationship acts like a spark that shines like a diamond and adds flavor to the intimacy shared. Gifting flowers of expensive accessories won't help your relationship to boost to another level, you need to express yourself. Let your paramour know about your feelings before it's too late and you lose him/ her.

Fact 6: Don't let others opinion affect your relationship
If you and your partner are fighting over things that shouldn't be given importance to like 'third person's negative remarks or comments', they you need to stop! There adverse opinions on a picture you shared on social media shouldn't affect your functionality with your partner. It is important to understand who is your good wishes and to keep your relationship on track without bothering yourself and your paramour with remarks that are meant to be ignored. 

Fact 7: Share emotions whether good or bad
If he or she is still sitting next to you despite knowing you are broke financially or is able to understand and support you during an emotional breakdown, you are with the right person and certainly have a great life with that person. Sharing emotions whether happiness or breakdowns, both are required to make the bond and love more strong.  

Fact 8: Let her/ him meet your family members
Let your paramour get along with your family so that they are able to accept one another. If your partner is able to get along with them easily that means you are in a right relationship. If your parents or guardians are unhappy with your partner or have feelings that are not that good, that means they are concerned about you and don't want you to be unhappy. Don't always ignore your parent's advice they have more experience than you. 

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