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Happy Rose Day

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Happy Rose Day

Rose Day on Feb 7, Rose Day is the starting of Valentine Day, which is celebrated every year on February 7. Red rose speaks not only of love but it also expresses the warm feelings and wishes of the heart. Red rose indicate passion and aspiration. A Bunch of Red roses signifies deep love & respect, whereas pink roses indicate cheerfulness, White roses are a symbol of peace and purity yellow for friendship and more Roses symbolize ,Single Rose of any Color represents thank you for being in my life,Bunch of Red Rose represents a true love can’t live without you “I love you”.

The Valentine week starts off with the rose day, welcoming it as a symbol of love. Every year rose day marks the advent of the valentine week, across the globe. The sweet fragrance of the fresh rose flowers wrap up the ambience creating a perfect mood of romance.

Rose is that breed of flower, which personifies sheer love, romance, purity and peace. Rose is the flower, which is represented to the beloved to pour out one’s feelings. It is considered as the international symbol of love. Since the ancient days, Rose is a pure symbol of love, romance, passion, affection and care for the person who receives it, be it your parents, siblings, friends or beloved.

With this day the couple gear up themselves to welcome the grand day doing sweet little things for each other, the whole week. Rose day indirectly prepares a person to come out of the wings and bares one’s heart to his beloved. It renders a person guts to express his heart to his beloved as rose itself speaks aloud about one’s feelings. Rose come in different colors symbolizing different feelings for different recipients.

The beautiful red roses personify ever-lasting passion, romantic love and elegance. Rose has its own charm, today also for a proposal it is considered as the best token of love. With these great, subtle and elite qualities, red roses have been the most legendary and popular choice of lovers of all over the globe. Hence, red rose is the eventually the most magnificent Valentine’s Day flower ever.  Undoubtedly, roses are the highest-flying and admired choice for such an occasion. Different color of rose leaves different effect on people about the feelings. As red rose represents true and romantic love, passion; the pink colored rose symbolizes joy and friendship; dark pink personifies appreciation whereas purple personifies love at first sight. Therefore, every color of rose has its special significance.

These fresh & enduring, sweet, and alluring rose day flowers or can say valentine’s day flower gifts like, rose bouquets, rose flower gifts, in bunches, vases, or in baskets also these look beautiful. Long-stemmed red roses, bouquets of roses, lovely rose wreaths are available in the markets.

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