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Valentines Day Week

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Valentines Day Week

Valentines Day Week or 7 days of celebrations is also called as Valentine Week. Valentine Week is a great fun time for all lovers. It includes the seven Important days in the month of February or valentine week.

With the commencement of this valentine 7 days week, the love takes the front stage. This valentine week starts with a sweet gesture of rose day on 7th February, every year, as it gives a chance to express love to the beloved. This week is moved ahead with the second day as the propose day, now is the time when you have to speak out your feelings as rose has done its part on the first day. Then from the 3rd day, the series of showering love and pampering begins as it happens to be the chocolate day following it there are days for cuddling and committing like teddy day, promise day, kiss day, hug day and falls into the most romantic day, the valentine’s day on 14th February.

It is considered as the most romantic and passionate time of the year. The longing to be with your beloved’s hand becomes even more, strong. By now you must be ready with your partner as you must have given rose, proposed her, then pampered her with teddy and hugs, given her a promise followed with kisses. This is the time, when you walk out with your beloved holding her hands, looking in those deep eyes, exchanging glances and conversing with unspoken words. This all create butterflies in the stomach and heart goes on doing its pitter-patter. With that mesmerizing smile on your beloved face seems, like you have accomplished everything.
Romance adds verve to your love and can be called as the essence of love.  Love is revived and ignited; by sprinkling romance, in the relation. Valentine’s Day paves way to it. Les Miserable’s have, aptly stated “To love another person is to see the face of God”. This is a perfect definition of true love, because the one you love is everything to you and there should be no conditions. Nothing speaks more than Valentine’s Day to the couples in love!

Gear up to paint the town red, on this Valentine’s Day and spend eminent time together. Let your sweetheart know how important she is in your life. Shower your love with these sweet gestures on each day of the valentine week and make her yours forever. The best form to express your feelings is to put into words and when in black and white then you are sure to win your love, because the words speak aloud on the behalf of your heart.  If you accompany your love letter with romantic love quotes, it fetches a perfect ten, as these romantic sayings and quotations blends romanticism with poetry! It is a saying, “now or never”, and it can be applied to this day, as for the lovers, it is the day to convey their secret love for their partner, no matter what would be the consequence.

1.Rose Day on Feb 7, Happy Rose Day
2.Propose Day on Feb 8, Happy Propose Day
3.Chocolate Day on Feb 9, Happy 4.Chocolate Day
4.Teddy Day on Feb 10, Happy Teddy Day
5.Promise Day on Feb 11, Happy 7.Promise Day
6.Kiss Day on Feb 12, Happy Kiss Day
7.Hug Day on Feb 13, Happy Hug
Valentine’s Day on Feb 14, Happy Valentines Day

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