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30 Tips for Successful Married Life

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30 Tips for Successful Married Life

30 secret of successful Married Life. To live a happy married life, try these ideas
1.    Marriage is a blessing but many people make it a annoyance due to lack of understanding. Receiving and giving love, understanding, care & respect are strong basis of long way run married life.
2.    Whenever an argument arises, try to solve it peacefully.
3.    Keep in mind that no problem is so big that you cant solve it together. No trouble is worth breaking your marriage over.
4.    By celebrating Your Wedding Anniversaries each year. It shows that your marriage is alive and you totally committed to each other.
5.    Keep your relationship a priority and working at it will mean a healthier and happier home.
6.    Try to do something unexpected as sending flowers, gift without any occasion.
7.    If Money is the problem than try to make a stick budget.
8.    Instead of feeling lonely, sad and depress try to share your with your partner to understand you better. Tolerance, a little patience, understanding your partners wishes and respecting his/her opinions are what are required for a smooth marriage life.
9.    Communication is the key to a healthy marriage.
10.    Little Appreciation do wonders in your life, try to appreciate your husband/wife for whatever good you find in your partner.
11.    Take a break and try to spend sometime with each other and Spend quality of time with your companion by going for outings, watch a movie ,weekend holidays at this time listen & speak frankly with your partner on  future plans, carrier.
12.    Make use of "Thank you", "Well done", “Done Great job”, “I m sorry if I heart you, “I Love you so much”, “I m always there for you”.
13.    Care for Each other. If one of the partner healths is not good try to take a leave or call 3 to 5 times a day  for their health and ask have you take a medicine on time. Love you get well soon.
14.    Create Romantic Atmosphere in your life by going for candle light dinner, wear sexy lingerie’s play romantic songs or go for a romantic movie.
15.    Do listen to your spouse carefully and sympathetically. Never ignore.
16.    Early in the morning, both spouses should try to remain calm and cool.
17.    In marriage, each partner grows a balancing role, giving strength and moral courage to one another.
18.    Both husband and wife should show implicit trust for one another and try not to have secrets between them.
19.    If you are not in a city he or she tries to be in contact of your partner. Tell them I m really missing hope you re here with me. Never hesitate in showing your feelings. Express your love foe healthy marriage.
20.    Try to fulfill your wife expectation: Do some household work i.e. making tea or coffee, Need your moral support, loyalty, security, good companionship, great understanding, love,.
21.    Try to fulfill your Husband expectation: love him, Talk politely, family responsibility, Cook good food, Always speak truth ,proper care of children’s, Do saving, Be smart and independent.
22.    To ensure a successful marriage, a couple has to harmonize their lives by minimizing whatever differences they may have between them.
23.    Sex can keep your marriage strong and lack of sex can destroy your marriage talking with one another about these issues and spend more time with each other.
24.    In happy married life, both love and sex are inseparable.
25.    Never compare partner with any one, becoz every one has their own qualities. Always look at the good qualities of your spouse.
26.    Try to keep smiling whatever be the problem.
27.    Understanding plays very significant role in marriage. Great understanding means happy married life.
28.    Try to speak your partner if you done mistake such as "Pease forgive me!" should be sweetest word in married life.
29.    Successful Married Life: Honest + Love + Understanding + Care + Respect.
30.    Happy couples are the foundation for happy families!

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